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What is Violinwiki

Violinwiki is an online specialized encyclopaedia with one topic - the violin.

This wide topic - accoustic violin or fiddle - further branches into the articles containing

  • the description of violin books and their bibliography - method books, scale books, etude books, spanning five centuries from Geminiani to Ševčík.
  • the lists of composer's works for violin or works containing a violin part.
  • etude analysis: what skill the etude develops, which piece/s it is a preparation for, technical and musical advice for the given etude
  • the biographies of composers who composed for the violin.
  • the biographies of violin pedagogues; their life and the published works.
  • the biographies of luthiers and bow makers.
  • technical and musical analysis of the pieces: fingering, bowing, phrasing, teaching points, pitfalls for the students of the piece and alternative interpretations for pieces from Twinkle to Tchaikovsky
  • the description of the instrument
  • the descriptions and explanations of various violin techniques accompanied by photos and videos
  • information about the violin strings
  • information about the violin competitions
  • information about the summer and winter schools, violin festivals and masterclasses

Violinwiki contains articles on every conceivable violin topic, the scope of the project, its long term aims, its history and development are described in Violinwiki:Scope, Violinwiki:Aims and Violinwiki:History.

The clickable mind map of Violinwiki is outlined in the picture below.

Anatomy of violinAnatomy of violinLuthiersArchetiersAnatomy of violinViolin stringsAnatomy of violinAnatomy of violinCategory:InstrumentViolin competitionsViolin summer schoolsCategory:EventsCategory:ContentsCategory:PeopleViolin composersViolin pedagoguesViolin playersViolin bibliographyViolin methodsCategory:Violin methodology booksScale booksViolin etudesViolin technical exercisesMusic sheet booksViolin mediaRepertoireCategory:Violin repertoireFiddleViolin piecesViolin etude thesaurusCategory:Violin techniquesLeft hand techniquesRight hand techniquesClickable mind map of Violinwiki

Violinwiki is a collaborative site in the same spirit as Wikipedia, that is, one editor may add his knowledge, another editor may improve wording and yet another may work on formatting and style. Violinwiki capabilities used by editors are described in Violinwiki:Capabilities.

What Violinwiki is not

Violinwiki is not Wikipedia. It is a "Wikipedia of Violin", but only powered by the same software, Mediawiki, using the same skin and basic wiki formatting (there are different templates; Violinwiki has different capabilities suitable for posting musical excerpts or relationships between violin teachers and students). Users who know how to use Wikipedia can therefore find their way around Violinwiki very quickly. Violinwiki is not in any way connected with Wikipedia.

Violinwiki is not is not a free host or web space provider. Violinwiki is not intended to store any content that is unrelated to the project, i.e. violin. It is also not meant to be used as a test wiki for any other projects. For your own testing in relation with Violinwiki please use your personal sandbox or a shared sandbox.

Violinwiki is not a forum or chatroom. User pages and talk pages are for organizing and aiding the work users do on Violinwiki and for polite discussion serving to improve the articles, respectively.

Learner and teacher notice

The violin student can find a lot of information regarding the violin techniques and repertoire on Violinwiki. Still Violinwiki cannot replace a live teacher but it can help to build the student knowledge so that the communication between the violin student and the teacher is more effective. At the same time Violinwiki strives to serve as a useful resource for the teachers who can refer their students to the relevant articles.